Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2010 Closure Quilt - Patched Work

The 2011 Closure Quilt is coming to a close!
I tried it out on Amelia's bed straight after I'd basted it. It looked good and felt good, she said, even with the safety pins still in it.
I decided to machine quilt it in the ditch following the squares, which was a little bit trickier than usual because I pressed the seams open on the back - so eliminating an actual ditch to stitch in.
I wanted to add an extra rustic, hand made-ish touch by doing some hand quilting also. I have a huge African basket full of multi coloured Perle 8 threads, and I'm picking them out at random and quilting cross hatch across all the squares.
It doesn't stand out as much as I thought it would, but I'm quite happy with it.
The problems are:
1. There are four layers to quilt through because I pieced the crazy log cabins over foundation fabric squares and,
2. When I basted the quilt I noticed that some of the fabrics' edges hadn't been caught in the seam with the sew and flip method, so I have to mend as I sew ;(
I'm calling the quilt Patched Work
I'll show you more when I finish,
Ann ♥
P.S. Clearly Dolly has made it her own already, while it was still under the sewing machine!


  1. love it xxxmimi

  2. Lovely quilt Ann, as usual! Your cat is as bad as mine, I use a "practice at quilting quilt" for my cat, and she appears to enjoy it. You'll have to do the same.!


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