Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Australasian Quilt and Travel

It's not the best photo, but here is my quilt, Australasian, hanging in the Quilts Across Queensland exhibition curated at the Brisbane Ekka (for those of you not familiar with that term, its the Brisbane RNA Show). It was entered in the professional pieced quilt category and won third prize. You can see me standing with it below, and I do apologise for the quality of these photos taken with my iPhone. This was a quilt inspired by Leesa Chandler's Under the Australian Sun fabrics, which I mentioned in early blog posts.
It was really quite a thrill to win the prize as it's been a few years since I've won anything, or even entered a quilt in a show. Starting the business and keeping up with all the admin and online activity, not to mention being in the shop 6 days a week, packing eBay items to send, marketing, teaching, sewing and trying to design and follow through projects, as well as housework and parenting doesn't leave much time to produce show quality quilts - let alone shop sample quilts. However, I'm pleased the quilt has had it's moment in the sun... in fact it was sold at the show so I'm not sure how I'm going to teach it/publish it now. Is that an excuse, do you think? I'm planning another one, not quite so complicated in terms of quilting, perhaps in modern fabrics....
This is another quilt I'm working on now, in progress. I have actually finished the top now and am planning the quilting. I made it with a Hoffman Rainbows pack, Rainforest.
The most exciting thing that's happened since I last blogged, is our Japanese trip. It was truly a dream come true for me. I've included a few photos, not in any particular order, of our holiday.
There's a couple of fabric ones,
taupes from Diamaru - I don't know why , but I spent ages selecting this small bundle when I should have just grabbed a piece of the whole selection! It's always like that in retrospect...
and rolls of kimono fabric

The amazing stone wall at Osaka Castle,
A couple of food ones - a green tea ice cream sundae, a Japanese MacDonald's meal,
and a very Japanese night time scene,
It was all so very beautiful, exciting and fun! It was also a great experience to share with my teenage daughter. Who knows if we will go again, but I definitely would like to explore the fabric in a little more depth, especially retro and vintage kimono, and we really only touched the tip of the iceberg as far as food was concerned!
Till next time,
♥ Ann


  1. Congratulations Ann on winning a ribbon at the Ekka and I think it is amazing that you got the opportunity to turn out a Show standard quilt. Your Japanese trip must have been amazing and I will look forward to seeing further reports. Take care.

  2. Once again congratulations on the winning quilt - it is beautiful. Seems you had a lovely time in Japan - love the green colour on the Green Tea Sundae - good name for a quilt design don't you think? I am sure you mu have had a "dream time" looking at Japanese fabric - I know I would have. Miriam Sims

  3. congratulations! well deserved with all you have going on in your life! and it sold...hhhmmm does that mean you cannot publish the pattern etc?

    i followed your japanese trip on facebook but seeing the macdonalds is really interesting and brings it to life. i wonder what they have in chinese maccas? and did they have all the westernised maccas meals as well as those i wonder?

    love that jacket or coat you are wearing ann.

  4. Congratulations my friend Ann your prize.
    Quilt is very beautiful and you too.

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