Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kaffe Fassett Diamonds Quilt

I am revisiting an old favourite at the moment - Kaffe Fassett's Diamonds Quilt.
I bought this lovely book a couple of months ago, about Kaffe Fassett's home, creative projects, fabric design etc. Absolutely gorgeous it is!
Anyway, as Maleny has been so freezing recently, I've got my original Red Diamonds Quilt out again for winter. I made this quilt early in my quilting life, from one of my very first pattern books that happened to also be by Kaffe Fassett, Glorious Patchwork, or something like that. The quilt in it was amazing and I decided to make it, not realizing how HUGE it was going to be and how much fabric I would need - thinking I would have enough red fabrics in my very humble stash at the time. I used wool wadding and the quilt covers a queen size bed, down to the floor and over the pillows! So, it's very warm and reserved for winter.
I got it out again a few days ago, and my daughter surprisingly said, "That's my favourite quilt; I love that quilt."
It got me to looking at it again and I remembered the new book also had a Diamonds Quilt in it. Found it and decided to give it another go - it's a smaller quilt and uses a slightly different fabric recipe. I wanted particularly to use a lovely hydrangea fabric I just got into the shop + other fabrics in stock so I could make some packs. Even when I was cutting the fabric, people were commenting on what a beautiful quilt it was going to be. I hope so!
Here it is beginning to take shape. I was trying that Kaffe paisley in two different spots.
Decided to keep it in the top spot, and put the purple one in the lower spot. You can see how I've used the hydrangea in the top row, then again in the 13th row by grouping all the diamonds containing more blue or creamy/pinkie/mauve hydrangeas. Then I got to the end and discovered I was one fabric short!
I've already chosen a fabric to slot in, but didn't have time this morning. Can't wait to get back to it.
(Just a word of warning: The templates for this quilt in Welcome Home, the new book, are incorrect!)
Something else very exciting is:
We're going to Japan!
Hope I see some incredible kimono like this one.
Happy stitching,
Ann ♥


  1. I like very much,
    very nicely done.
    choosing different colors and have
    accomplished a work full of life.

  2. That quilt looks incredible - thanks for sharing.


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