Friday, December 2, 2011

Green Tea Sundae

I've been gathering together fabrics for a Green Tea Sundae

It's inspired by green tea sundaes I got a bit obsessed with in Japan... top left was the yummiest! Bottom left was most intense in colour and taste (and made me feel a bit sick). The ice cream trio was large plastic food models in a charming Kyoto tea house. I really want to make a quilt with these greens to remember our holiday.

I ate this sundae at the Lipton Tea house, Kyoto Railway Station, on our last day and succeeded in making myself queasy for the flight back to Australia later that night. It had rich green tea flavoured ice cream, sweet red beans, some sort of gluggy, gelatinous white tapioca balls, green tea flavoured cake squares, glace chestnuts and green tea-ish whipped cream...mmmmm... like when you've eaten too much party food when you were a kid!
xo xo Ann.


  1. oh what a way to be feeling sick!! Love the colours Ann, my kind of colouring I think.

  2. I am not craving some green tea ice cream! I am now following you. You can follow me back at

  3. The colors are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the quilt. :)


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