Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miscellany : the Sequel

On the design wall with borders attached
Welcome to Miscellany : the Sequel. 

I realized at the end of the last post, that I had forgotten to upload any pics of the finished Miscellany Quilt.

Well, here they are...
The basting process; I used black quilt wadding for the first time and really liked the effect against the black solid fabric and it made the whites pop too.
You can see my original African Quilt in the background of this. There's a free pattern for it on my website.

I decided to quilt the whole thing in the ditch, which gave a very nice graphic look and didn't compete with the fabrics or block design. I discovered that the quilt fed through easier when I increased the stitch length to 3.5.

The quilt is backed with black Grunge Basics by Basic Grey for Moda - love these fabrics unashamedly ♥
Finally, the finished quilt on my bed.

Bound with the Candy Trees from the Miscellany fabrics.
Thanks for looking and see you soon,
Ann ♥


  1. Love the graphic appeal of this quilt and the small amounts of color. You did a great job on the photo too!!

  2. I like very much this quilt.


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