Sunday, March 4, 2012


Life goes on! There have been a few finishes since my last post way back last year :(
I'm just giving you a glimpse of my major finished quilt, the Bali Sunset I was working on. It's made to the same pattern as my Australasian quilt - due to be published as a project in Quilters Companion magazine this month (of March) if you want to make one.

Bali Sunset Quilt
Miscellany Quilt designed by Lizzie House

The next thing I was totally obsessed with was the new Cloud9 100% certified organic cotton collection, Miscellany designed by Julia Rothman. I fell in love with these fabrics, and the quilt made with them, last year at the AQM in Melbourne. The fabrics feature a randomish collection of sketchbook-like line drawing inspired designs and look wonderful together, especially accentuated with a solid black.
I really wanted to make that Lizzie House quilt, but I felt there was already one of those in the world, so I didn't do anything for a while. Then I saw a quilt called Anita's Arrowhead on Facebook as a free download from Quiltmaker.
Endless Knot and Fish bone designs in the blocks
So I decided to go with that, using the black background and the Miscellany fabrics. (The black I used was a beautiful Moda Bella Solid that I carry in Quiltopia boutique). You can follow the evolution of the quilt below:
The block layout juxtaposes 'negative' and 'positive' versions of the blocks.
Another layout option that uses like blocks side by side to create a different effect.
The quilt is 7 x 6 blocks
I pressed all the seams open for this quilt, to minimise bulk and for a smooth finish when joined and pressed. It paid off and I was very happy with the resulting quilt.

But it wreaked havoc with my (expensive) forked pins!
Pin cemetery!
The quilt blocks sewn together, I decided on an uneven border with wider sides than top and bottom - and I've just realised I don't have a photo of that here! Another post coming up....

Till then, have fun!
Ann ♥
PS You can purchase all the Miscellany fabrics from my Quiltopia!Design eBay Store right here :)

Dolly supervises the quilt production in my studio.


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    1. Thank you Christine, and very nice to hear from you x

  2. I don't know who's cuter--Dolly or the quilt she's lying on! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. My grandmother was an avid quilter. It was her one, true passion until she passed on from Lou Gehrig's disease several years ago. One day I hope to learn the art, but now I just enjoy what others make. You are immensely talented, as you surely know. Keep on!


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