Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello Luscious Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial

On the design wall: blocks are placed in pairs as they are sewn, to be moved around later for the final layout.
Hello Luscious is the beautiful new collection by BasicGrey for moda Fabrics. There is something about their designs that just really appeals to me. I love their lush floral, slightly off key colour and pattern combinations and their delicious Grunge Basics. I used one of the Grunge blacks as the backing for  the Miscellany Quilt and I try to add a little to nearly everything.
hello luscious Layer Cake: 42 x 10 inch squares across the whole range of fabric!
One of my favourite things to do with a Layer Cake, is make a sort of stack and slash "Blocks in a Box" block quilt. There are lots of ways to do this, but this one is a straight-forward even cut one as opposed to wonky, or uneven ones.
Wonky Boxes
First you open your Layer Cake and look at the wonderful fabric selection contained within :)
Then you pair up squares to get 21 pairs. Mix and match patterns, colours and values. Don't be too predictable.
Next, take one pair of squares and place one exactly on top of the other. Cut a strip 2 1/4 inches wide on two sides. Separate them from the middle wide strip, like in the picture. (I find a rotating cutting mat extremely useful for this.)
Now, position the block pieces so the two cut strips are on top and bottom. Cut 2 more 2 1/4 inch strips on either side. You will now have two 2 1/4" x 10" strips, two 2 1/4" x 5 1/5" strips, with one 5 1/2 inch square in the centre.
 Swap the top and bottom fabrics around in the centre square. These are the fabrics which will compose the first block. You will discover that two 10 inch squares will make 2 blocks in your quilt and that a Layer Cake will make a nice sized throw quilt with 42 blocks.

 Start sewing! Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance and sew the two small rectangles to the sides of the centre square. Press. (I pressed the seams open for these blocks.)
Now, sew the two longer rectangles to the top and bottom of the pieced centre.
 Look at the picture below. You can see how I sewed the top and bottom pieces on, lining them up even on one side of the block. This makes it easier to trim the blocks at the end.
 Finally,  place the blocks exactly on top of each other again and trim the two excess ends from them. Your blocks should measure 9 inches square.
 You can now separate the blocks and see how nice they are, a positive and negative image in fabric, of each other 
I like to put them up on my design wall, in pairs, as I go to see how they look and build up a feeling of how the quilt might look, and where to move things later. You can see it growing in the top photo, as the pairs of blocks are added to the wall.
N.B. See how the blocks are placed so that the long and short seams are next to each other? This makes the quilt very easy to sew together as you're not having to match hundreds of seams. This is also one of the reasons I pressed the seams open.
 When the blocks are completed, move them around to create a pleasing arrangement, spreading lights, darks, colours and patterns across the surface. It's that easy to make a pretty quilt!
I challenge you to have a go at making a Boxes quilt... are you up for it?
Have fun with fabric,
Ann ♥


  1. I am about to buy a layer cake so that I can have a go at making this easy design quilt.
    Thanks for the blog Ann.

  2. Your quilt is so pretty and so doable. I am going to make one. You make it look so easy. I love your idea of turning the blocks to keep the seams down. How did you quilt it? I have a few layer cakes so I'll have to pick one as pretty as that Hello Luscious fabric and sew it together. I'll send you a picture when it's done. Thanks for the inspiration! Ronda

  3. what a great pattern!!! I love this!!! I have a layer cake I have been afraid to cut into because I didn't want to "lose" the beautiful fabrics in strips. This pattern will allow the best of both worlds!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Fabulous quilt! Will be copying your pattern to make a baby quilt. Can you tell me what the finished dimensions are?

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am going to make this quilt tomorrow. Patti xxx

  6. I have 2 packs of this basic gray-I'm doing it-making the quilt! The first I just cut in order...we'll see how far a pack goes. I want a queen & suspect I'll need both!

  7. about what size does this work out to be?


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