Monday, April 16, 2012

Southern Jewels Quilt for Mum

I made  a nap quilt for Mum. I finished it at the end of March, but truth be told, I started it well over 18 months ago for a house-warming present when she downsized and moved into a self contained unit in a retirement village.
Being a keen gardener and wild flower lover, she loved the Leesa Chandler Under the Australian Sun fabrics (also used in the Australasian Quilt) that came out a couple of years ago and I put aside some of my favourites to make her a new quilt for her new home. The Southern Jewels pattern is really easy to make and showcases amazing fabrics. (I made it here too, with Saffron Craig Tree Bird fabric.)
Anyway, You can see some of the process of the making here, and Dusty and I would like you to see some more of the details. He just loves to get in on the quilt shoots (and I couldn't move him!)

I ended up just quilting a large stipple all over the quilt, and I'm quite happy with it. It doesn't detract from the fabric and gives a lovely texture. I chose a variegated red quilting thread this time, although i would usually use a plain colour nowadays. I just have a lot of variegateds left and I figured Mum won't notice. It worked nicely this time.
The backing fabric is the gorgeous New South Wales floral emblem, flannel flower. I was born in NSW, the flannel flower is my favourite if the Australian flowers and red is my favourite colour.
I used a machined binding which i put on the same way as a regular hand finished one, but from the back, folded to the top and then sewn down close to the edge by machine. The trick here, is to cut the binding a little wider than usual (in this case 2 3/4 inches instead of 2 1/2 inch) so the seam line looks good on the back as well as the front.

Looks good?
Thanks Leesa, for a simple stylish pattern and some stunning fabrics!
 Contact me for the pattern, and fabrics can be sourced here.
Would you like to make one too?
Ann ♥


  1. How lovely the quilt has turned out. Wonderful choice of the Australian wildflower fabric used in your mum's quilt. I bet she loves it!


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