Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Odds and Ends Sunday

It was one of those Sundays last weekend. Started and finished off lots of little things with a slight sense of achievement. Maleny Arts and Crafts Group (our local group of quilters, crafters and artists) i s having its biennial Quilt Show on the weekend of 29th and 30th September and, although I am not going to be here (because I'll be in Japan!), Quiltopia will be a trader with my lovely friend Jill  hosting the stall.
Bali Sunset
So, with that end in mind, I thought I'd better make a few samples for various kits and things that we'll be selling. The first two are two different colour ways I've made up for the Bali Sunset Quilt and both will available as kits for the whole quilt top. I haven't written a pattern for the cushion, and probably won't be able to before I go away, but if you buy a pattern for the quilt, you can easily adapt it to make one block as a cushion - if you really want to.

Here you can see both the Bali Sunset and Pacific colour schemes side by side. Which one is your favourite?  
 Next, I kept going with the Little Owl Quilt. All the squares are sewn and it's now lying on the table in a pile with a few other fabrics for borders, bindings etc...

Then i decided to pick some of our multitude of lemons and try my hand, for only the second time ever, at lemon marmalade. last time I tried it would have been close to 20 years ago and it ended up like sweet, sticky tar. I used a very easy recipe from the old and trusty Day To Day Cookery Book - my first ever school recipe book for what was known as "Home Craft" in the 1970's. 

The lemons look so lemony and beautiful!

This time…Success!! I made heaps of bottles of lovely, yellow marmalade perfectly gelled and delicious! I'm very proud.
I also finished an apron from a panel, packed lots of fabrics to send, washed 3 loads of washing and felt depressed that I never have a weekend any more.
However - with Japan loom in less than a week now, things are looking pretty good.Would you like the marmalade recipe?
Till next time,
Ann ♥



  1. Wish I had a lemon tree like that!

  2. I'd be interested in the lemon marmalade recipe. I've got heaps of lemons on my tree.


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