Thursday, September 20, 2012

Southern Jewels Quilt - for the last time EVER!

This is going to be the absolute last Southern Jewels Quilt that I'm ever going to make….I hope. I've mentioned and posted lots of photos of different versions of it already.
My daughter is going to Canada with her dad ( my former husband) over the September school holidays to visit her family over there, so of course I saw this as an opportunity to send over a quilt each for her grandmother and aunt.
I made a Southern Jewels one for Grandma, and the other one just looked right for her aunt. It's one of those ones you make, then store in a cupboard - you know the ones I mean. I originally made it as a sample for some patterns and Penelope/Lake House fabrics when I first opened my shop.
Anyway, I hope they like them!
Hello Luscious Layer Cake Quilt
I'm also finishing up the Layer Cake quilt I showed in a tutorial, finally. I half finished the quilting this morning, and hope to get the rest done tonight. Maybe it will be quilted and bound for the Maleny Quilt Show coming up. if you're up on the Sunshine Coast in the last week of September, why don't you drop by, say hello on our stint and see some gorgeous quilt?
Till next time,

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