Friday, December 14, 2012

Cherry Christmas Give Away Winner!

We have a winner for the two Aneela Hoey Cherry Christmas Charm Packs give away!
Kelly Gleeson commented, As much as I am loving the yellow - I would play it safe and stay with the parchment!
The draw was done the old fashioned way, so we could include all entries from Facebook, Blog and Instagram.
Thank you and congratulations Kelly!

The ex-English teacher in me couldn't help liking a few of the comments especially and Lindi, Sonia and Chris will all be receiving a fat quarter from the Cherry Christmas range too.

Lindi Jarman: I'd go parchment. It has a softer, less demanding look.

Sonia Solly: Yellow (gold) to represent 'the golden thread' which is a spontaneous 
form of prayer

Christine Baldry: Parchment - however Ann it wouldn't matter what you use, your quilts 

always look stunning! xxx (Thanks Chris!)

And here's Dolly, Quiltopia's masthead kitty, giving the okay to parchment quilting thread on the Prayer Flag quilt.
I little insight into Quiltopia studio too ;)

The favourite thread was Parchment with 27 votes, Yellow with 20 and both with 9.
I have to admit I'm secretly glad. I started off preferring the yellow, then decided I liked the parchment, hoping it would win because I'd decided to do the quilting in the winning colour. I think Lindi's comment sums it up for me…although Kelly's is pretty relevant too!
Thank you so much for participating  and helping me out. Now I've done one, a give away is not as scary as I thought it would be and I'll be doing a lot more in 2013.
Till next time,


  1. Thank you Lindi! I have been very nervous to ever do a give away and I've been blogging etc for about 3 or 4 years now I think. I'm going to keep doing it - it was fun!


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