Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prayer Flag Layer Cake and a Give Away

This morning I tried to quickly choose which thread to quilt my Prayer Flag Layer Cake quilt with before I went to work...
 I always have to spend some time deciding, and I often leave the last word to my daughter. She's always so clear headed; looks, considers and simply says, "That one." But she wasn't here today and I actually had a mini anxiety attack until I thought, "I know, I'll ask my Facebook Page likers. And I'll offer them the chance to go into a draw for two  Aneela Hoey Cherry Christmas Charm Packs. I've always been too shy and scared to do that, but here's a chance to try out a give away." And so I did.

The question is - which thread to quilt with? The yellow or the parchment?

Lots of people have already commented.
This is the quilt top on the design wall. It's only a simple Framed design, like the one I wrote a tutorial about here. Made with a moda April Cornel layer Cake, Prayer Flag. The colours are truly reminiscent of prayer flags fluttering against the sky in Tibet.
So if you would like to go into the draw for two Cherry Christmas Charm Packs 
  1.  comment on which thread you would machine quilt this quilt with - yellow or parchment.
  2. You can comment here on the blog, or on Quiltopia!Design Facebook
  3. The winner will be drawn on Friday 14/12 night.
  4. Winner will be posted here, and on Facebook.
Thank You and Good Luck!
You could make a 9 Squared quilt with the two charm packs, like my new Vintage Modern one. This one is for sale on Etsy now.
For SALE $75.00

I got three Moda pre-cut quilts basted on the weekend. The Framed quilt is the only one that still needs quilting, and I'd like to get it done before we go away for Christmas!
back Friday with the winner's name,
9 Squared, Framed and jelly Roll Race quilts all ready to be quilted.


  1. I would use the yellow-or gold as I read it! It will belend in well with all the differents colours of the quilt.

  2. I like the parchment thread for quilting!

    It's a lovely quilt - love seeing patterns for pre-cuts.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


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