Sunday, April 21, 2013


I wish I was more…Happy Go Lucky I mean!
My Happy-Go-Lucky layer Cake offering, "Big Stars"
Perhaps it's because I do get a bit caught up in the worries and cares of life that I so LOVE this cheerful new collection by Bonnie and Camille for Moda fabrics! Every new Bonnie and Camille range is anticipated with excitement, and I rarely get to keep even a Charm Pack for myself. This time I ordered all the pre-cuts + a selection of the fabrics + a repeat of the pre-cuts (including the new honey combs). So I have made two quilts - one from a layer cake and the other from two charm packs .

Up down side to side quilting and navy ticking back.
I used my favourite easy (to me) up down side to side machine quilting on this one. I really do love the texture (and speed) of this style. You can see the backing is a classic navy ticking which went very well with the informal reds and retro colours and patterns of the fabrics. Then I bound it with a large scale floral from the previous Marmalade collection. This is possibly my favourite Bonnie and Camille fabric ever. Orange is my favourite colour. And I like the unexpected effect of the large print as a binding too. I'm reluctant to sell this quilt….
Now here is the little Quilty. It was unbelievably difficult to photograph this little one in the usual veranda position this time. The weather has been very difficult, grey and wet, but I managed to get in two quick shots and here they are.
Happy-Go-Lucky Quilty for Sale.
 It's Amy Butler on the back - a lovely piece I've been saving in my stash for just the right project, and this seemed to be it. If you like the navy ticking binding, it's in my Etsy shop. (I will be listing the Quilty for sale, just haven't got around to it yet.)
These are the Happy-Go-Lucky fabrics just landed in the shop today. They are online in the eBay store along with any other  Bonnie and Camille fabrics ASAP too.
One of the reasons I love them so much is that you can keep on building a colour palette from them adding more and more bits from each collection, as well as fabrics from other ranges and you get a lovely happy bundle to make a quilt with - like this one.

Why don't you pop over to Bonnie's  and Camille's blogs to have a look at the absolutely fabulous patterns, and quilts they've made with all the different fabric groups. Inspiring!
Thanks for reading :)

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