Thursday, April 18, 2013

Moda Fabric Sale!!

Yes, it's that time of the month again - SALE time online!! And it's Moda fabric, excluding pre-cuts, at 23% off, finishing Wednesday 25th April. So shop the Quiltopia!Design online store for your favourite Moda pieces….Don't wait too long or someone else will snaffle your watched item from right under your nose! Happens all the time...

The ever popular Grunge basics by Basic Grey 
Custom Bundle selected online.
This sale follows hard on the heels of our Bali Batik Sale. I decided to split the sale, because it's just getting too hectic and difficult to keep up with the full store sale, all by myself.
You could make a Batik quilt like the one I made earlier. I actually had a disaster with that quilt. When I washed it, just one of the brown Batiks ran! I tried to rectify it, and after spending lots of time and money on solutions, it's finally ended up on my daughter's bed, rather than my sister's. But that's another story…
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