Sunday, January 25, 2009

Studio: Before and After

I had this old tray mobile that I stored all my African fabrics in and had my threads and the odd fat quarter on the top. Dolly the cat really liked sleeping and leaving all her fur on there so I had to cover it with the Timorese Ikat you can see draped over the top.

Now the tray mobile has gone and it looks much better there. Dolly now sleeps and oversees the sewing on the mini ironing board attached to my work table!

This part of my studio was probably the worst with my desk piled high with all my folders and business documents . A big roll of wadding fitted in OK but it's better over in the space created near my work table.
Below, that area is now my favourite part. I painted the little vintage desk shabby chic white, as well as some cinder blocks I found under the house left over from building. Then I put one of the bookshelves I'd used on the other side of the room on top. Most of my books fit and all my photo disks and office bits and pieces live in the brick recesses.
You can see my cabinet of vintage teddy bears over to the right... not sure what to do with those as I love most of them but the cabinet really takes up a lot of space.

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