Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maleny Quilt Show and a New Quilt.

This is one of my latest finished quilts. (Actually my latest is The Sewing Circle - the quilt featuring whimsical retro 1950's themed embroidered blocks... but more about that in a later post.) This one is from Julie Wallace's pattern, Floral Maze. I saw the original quilt at the Melbourne Quilt Market last November and thought I could do something with it. It's another pattern using the Lanterns of Light Ruler and hexagon shapes, which I've formed a sort of love for. These are big so you get to see a fair bit of the fabric, and I like that too.
I decided to use a selection of lovely floral fabrics with the main criteria being " beautiful fabrics that haven't sold well"! So I just went to the shelves and picked out 12 lovely fabrics that for some reason, people haven't been buying. I put them together and, voila! A beautiful quilt was born.It's quite a small quilt, but easily enlarged with in multiples of 6.
I used a gorgeous Valerie Wells floral on the back, quilted the heck out of it and bound it in that other lovely turquoise Valerie Wells print. Love this one and it's going to stay with me.
I took it to the Maleny Quota Quilt Show a couple of weeks ago and here are Annie and I with it at my stand.
It was a lovely country quilt show, set up in the Maleny High School Indoor Stadium. There were some beautiful quilts but you'll have to be satisfied here with the pics from the traders' area. In the foreground is Kimz Patchwork, The Gympie Patchwork Factory, then Shirley's Buttons, Me and on the other side, Van Coutens Drapery, and Palmwoods Ats and Crafts. It was a small show, but lots of lovely quilts and fun.

Last weekend I took Quiltopia! to the Mountain Quilters' Show, Silver Threads and Golden Needles... but more about that in a longer newer post. I was a lot more relaxed there and took the opportunity to wander around and look at things! Next week I'll be at The Gympie Quilt and Craft Spectacular... sounds really big and scary to me, but when you look at all the blogs about Quilt Market in America now, it definitely puts things in perspective!
Till next time - Happy Stitching,
xo xo Ann.
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  1. Hi Ann it was lovely to meet you at Gympie
    you quilts are just beautiful
    hugs Beth[Highland Hen}

  2. Furball Farm QuiltingJune 6, 2010 at 11:38 PM

    I love this latest quilt Ann, I think I had better keep an eye out for the pattern, or if you do it at Nambour. (love the backing fabric you used)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
    Ann're talented.
    I like your stand and

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