Friday, December 7, 2012

Pacific Inspired Modern Batik Quilt

I have slowly been making a modern style Batik quilt since some time earlier this year…even perhaps last year. It's nearing completion now! Even my 16 year old daughter likes it, and it does look good in her room. The informal prints and casual styling of the quilt seem to suit teenagers. It's a pity it's for my sister's 50th birthday! (I'm hoping it will suit her too.)
I used a Bali Batik Bali Pop, "Rainforest" for the quilt + some lovely white and grey fabrics for the sashing and corner squares. You could use any type of pre-cut batik strips, like the Moda ones below, or even your own stash fabrics. i added quite a few toning Batiks from my stash to make my quilt larger.
Over the Rainbow Batik Jelly Roll comes in three colour groups . This is Horizon.
The quilt is so simple to make. I sewed the jelly roll strips into sets of three, then cross-cut them to make 6 1/2 inch squares, then I laid them out alternating vertical and horizontal directions. I spread the browns through the quilt. I actually would have preferred less brown and little more aqua, but c'est la vie.
It was inspired by pictures of the Cape of Good Hope and the Solomon Islands. I made a collage of a holiday we went on to visit my sister and her family when they were living in the Solomons. The water, sky, sand and rocks there are incredible. We went in a little boat across a giant Pacific ocean lagoon. Anyway, you can see the colours in the quilt, I think.
Then, as it was for a very special 50th birthday, I decided it needed to be hand quilted. Out came the Perle #8 ecru thread, quilting hoop, thimble and patience, and I made a start.

After many days and countless nights in front of the TV and under the Daylight, I finished the quilting. I'm up to the binding now and just have to sew it down. Then I can take it down to Canberra to give her for Christmas. Yes, The birthday has been and gone last month, but at least she'll get it this year 2012.
The Pacific batik Quilt in Amelia's room. It looks good in a teenager's bedroom.
I really do like Bali Batiks and one day I want to go back to Bali. Do you know anywhere to shop for these type of quilters' Batiks in Bali?
I put up the finished quilt one day very soon.
Happy stitching,


  1. Hi Ann -- The strip bundle you show at the top of this post shows a Moda tag. However, all the following photos show Hoffman Bali Batiks. I would bet that at least 75% of the batiks shown in the quilt are Hoffman Bali Batiks. I can identify these fabrics because I work as the marketing coordinator for Hoffman California Fabrics. The only area I see where the fabrics from the Moda fabrics might be used is in the border. Would you please explain this misinformation to your readers/customers and correct your post, giving Hoffman California Fabrics proper credit? I look forward to hearing back from you soon. -- Michelle Flores, marketing coordinator for Hoffman California Fabrics with offices in Mission Viejo, Calif., and in Bali, Indonesia.

  2. Thanks for your comment Michelle. I have edited this post now to reflect what you have, corectly pointed out. I have also linked some of the info to the original post where the quilt first appeared, and I had clearly stated that I used a Hoffman Bali Pop. No misinformation was intended as the post was purely an update on what I am doing and a quilt I am making. I sell Moda fabrics, have just received a lovely new collection and promoted it as is my wish here on my blog. When I have Balipops in stock, I promote them also. They're all lovely!

    1. Thanks so much, Ann, for your prompt response. I apologize for the harsh tone of my comment. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions that credit was never given, and have learned a lesson to check with the source first. I very much appreciate your clarification, and for being a fan of Hoffman Bali Batiks. Your design is absolutely wonderful. I'll direct folks to your website in hopes that they'll be able to purchase the pattern. Most sincerely, Michelle


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